Luca Influencer Marketing

Who Are We?

LucaSocial is the first and unique leisure and health toruism focused influencer marketing agency that operates internationally. Our international and experienced team aims at managing and improving hotels’ and clinics’ influencer marketing processes from start to end. LucaSocial’s objective is also to introduce particular destinations internationally.

Our founder Ayca Dederke was born in Turkey and graduated in the field of international relations from Izmir Economics University. She gained international experience by completing part of her studies in the USA where she obtained a marketing certificate. After obtaining her masters degree from the University of Hamburg, she started her career in the financial services sector at Morgan Stanley in Brussels. In 2015, she returned to Germany to work in the field of social media at various global companies such as PayPal, Ebay, and Amazon. She also gave social media coaching to some companies and micro influencers in Berlin. Ayça Dederke established the LucaSocial influencer marketing agency in Germany with the aim to combine her hotel experience in Turkey with her passion for social media marketing.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision; Becoming a well-known brand in the leisure and health tourism sector as the preferred partner for influencer marketing, putting our clients’ preferences at the center of everything we do, aiming at dominating influencer marketing in the hotel sector.

Our Mission; Matching hotels and clinics with the most suitable international influencers according to each client’s individual expectations and needs, thereby increasing the hotels’ brand awareness and direct bookings.

Our Team

Luca Influencer Marketing
Luca Influencer Marketing
Co-Founder / Influencer Marketing Manager
Luca Influencer Marketing
Communication Coordinator
Luca Influencer Marketing
Social Media Analyst

Why Influencer Marketing?

Nowadays, most hotels worldwide spend on average 50% of their marketing budget for digital marketing. Most importantly, the ROI of influencer marketing tends to be 11 times higher than other social media marketing tools.

Depending on your brand and customer potential, we provide a customized opportunity for you to work with international influencers that produce high quality content and execute your advertising campaign.