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What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

According to recent study by d50 Media Agency based in the USA, hotels worldwide spend an average of 2% of their revenue per room (RevPAR) on social media marketing.

Nowadays, most hotels spend around 50% of their marketing budget for digital marketing. In some touristic regions of the world, such as Turkey and Middle East, this number is still much lower. In these countries, only the most successful and largest hotel brands have realized the importance of social media and allocated their budget accordingly. However, even these hotels often struggle to identify the right influencers in order to obtain the desired results.

In order to achieve good results the brands need to find the most suitable influencers who are able to reach and influence the individual hotels potential guests. In this regard, one of the most common mistakes companies do is to solely look at the number of followers of influencers to estimate their potential impact for their brands. However, if you chose an influencer whose followers’ preferences significantly differ from those of your potential customers the ROI will be very low, no matter how many followers have been reached. Good influencers are able to create unique content with the potential to have a direct impact on their communities’ behaviour. At LucaSocial our main objective is to find the right influencer for your individual brand and to create a successful advertising campaign.

Luca Social Influencer Marketing

Step Get to Know The Brand

First of all, we learn everything about your brand, your targets and expectations. Then we identify the most suitable and most profitable influencer marketing campaign for your brand.

Luca Social Influencer Marketing

Step Choosing The Right Influencer for Your Brand

We work with some of the best influencers internationally. Based on your needs and brand identity, we use our unique databases and analytical tools to identify the most suitable influencers for you that will have a real impact for your brand.

Luca Social Influencer Marketing

Step Agreement with Influencer, Communication & Coordination

We do all the communication and negotiation part. We will be the single point of contact for the hotel and the influencer and reply to any questions prior to the influencer’s visit and after his/her departure. Both hotel and influencer can save valuable time and avoid long email exchange.

Luca Social Influencer Marketing

Step Content Creation and Publication

The influencer produces creative content for your hotel or brand and makes trusted recommendations rather than cheap advertisements.
The right of use of professional photo and video shoots prepared by the influencer is given according to demand and agreement.

Luca Social Influencer Marketing

Step International Social Media Management

1. After analyzing your brand and target audience, we produce effective and creative content to engage the followers.
2. We create brand loyalty by producing a story suitable for the photos or videos we publish and increase the brand reputation.
3. We grow your channels both organically and with targeted social media ads.
4. We frequently review and adjust the strategy by analyzing the statistics, the best publication times and the popularity of posts and stories.

– We produce content in Turkish, German and English.
– Our agency produces a post-advertisement ROI report.

Luca Social Influencer Marketing Turkfluencer Influencer Marketing

Explain us your brand, what you expect from influencers and which of these social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) you prefer. According to your preferences and budget we will choose the right influencer for you. After the campaign you will see the impact and influence of this collaboration