The benefits of Influencer Marketing for the Hotels


The world of marketing is ever-changing, and as social media continues to spread its influence across the world as a whole, the role of the social media influencer has risen in stature.

Social media is being increasingly used by digital customers, and in the 16-35 age group, social networks are the top product research channel. Hotels and Restaurants are taking advantage of this and using influencers to showcase their inboard services, and various food varieties through relatable and inspirational content. Here are a few benefits of Influencer marketing for the hotel business:


More profit in less investment:

Social media influencers have taken up the traditional marketing style where hotels and brands used to endorse their products with celebrities by paying high costs. Now the marketing scheme has completely changed where the influencers with even a less following can provide great content and get maximum benefit. 



Showcasing the hotel’s beauty and inboard services:

In 2016, it became the top choice, as the platform excellently showcases travel content, with inspirational images aspiring natural interest in new cultures, locations, and experiences. In the year 2020, where the world survived lockdown during the pandemic. Hoteliers found an opportunity in showcasing their inboard quarantine services with all hygiene protocols by collaborating with travel influencers.


Gaining popularity in a small group of people: 

Hoteliers collaborate with micro-influencers. They are usually bloggers under a relatable niche with small followings but they also have the highest metric in critical areas like engagements, number of followers, level of authenticity, and interaction with the audience. This is the simplest yet effective way to connect with people from different cultures and places. 


In 2019, any industry that does not benefit from influencer marketing is missing out on an excellent opportunity to increase visibility and brand awareness. Influencer marketing is here to stay. As stated by the report of the Association of National Advertisers in 2018, 75 percent of marketers already use influencer marketing for hotels. With the help of the right platforms, it opens doors of possibilities to reach the right audience and increase engagement rate. Among the plethora of social media platforms.

It is a popularly known fact that influencer marketing drives a 7x higher ROI, and the first influencer marketing campaigns resulted in a 17% increase in direct bookings. The benefits of Influencer marketing for hotels are crystal clear. Besides, it is more affordable than traditional methods like billboards or social media ads. It allows targeting a particular audience, which is potential guests of your hotel. This marketing trend is the best bet to build authentic campaigns with real partners.

Safia Iqbal