Why should you use Influencer Marketing?

With the evolution of marketing over the last 30 years, no new development should come as a surprise to us. Digital Marketing, which entered our lives in the 1990s, has gained such a momentum especially in the last 10 years that businesses can now choose their target audience and reach them when they need it. In other words, unlike a hotel billboard shown to everyone, they have the opportunity to present their hotel to a traveler who wants to go on a holiday in Bodrum at the search stage. Showing their promotions to relevant people offers businesses the opportunity to use their budget in the most beneficial way, and this creates a great opportunity for both the hotel operator and the traveler who wants to go on vacation at affordable prices.

Now suppose you are the traveler who wants to take a vacation in Bodrum. You have seen a hotel that meets your needs in search engines, and its prices seem quite suitable for your budget. The next step will probably be to check the reviews of other guests who stayed at the hotel. You started reading; Some complain that the hotel rooms are not large enough, others find the rooms quite large. While a comment below says that hotel location is far from the center, another user’s comment is “Great for relaxing!” So what should you think? You were looking for a hotel with affordable prices in Bodrum, but realized that this decision cannot be made only by looking at the hotel prices. Oops; the comments are also very confusing, you can’t decide what to do…


Then a video shared on the hotel’s website caught your attention; An Influencer spent a full week in the hotel you were looking at and shared his experiences with you! The room he stayed in, the time he spent in the pool, the varieties of the open buffet… In short, he gave a passing grade to the hotel you examined on every subject you were curious about. Then you can make your reservation with peace of mind thanks to that influencer whose views you trust.


You have accessed the experiences of an influencer you follow from the hotel’s website. However, you could have accessed these experiences on his Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube pages, and you could have accessed all the information about the hotel without the need for a preliminary research.


Influencer Marketing; It is the best way to turn a real experience into an organic interaction. Thanks to the experiences and suggestions of the influencers whose opinions they value, people have the chance to choose their next holiday destination without any doubt, and this creates a perfect connection between Infuencer, travelers and the hotel. Using Influencer Marketing in this new model, where marketing is based on the transfer of real experiences, will contribute much more to your business than you think.


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Ercan Tanrıkulu